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Tips for Keeping Productive in Self Isolation

Mar. 25, 2020

With us now being advised to #StayAtHome we are all experiencing a new day to day routine so we’ve put together a list of handy tips to stay productive and use the time to make the most of your home.

Use the time to have that clear out you’ve been meaning to do

Whether you’re thinking of moving house or you’ve recently moved into a new place, there has been no better time to finally organise that area that’s needed de-cluttering for ages whether it be a wardrobe or kitchen cupboards. 

Deep clean

New house or not, a deep clean of every room will definitely help you feel like your home is your sanctuary. The fridge, door handles, shelves and surfaces are good places to start. Make a list and tick off areas once you’ve done them – there’s nothing like a list to make you feel productive.

Home-cooked meals

Now your daily commute has been eliminated, you can use that extra time in the morning and evening to either learn how to make some new recipes or spend time making some home-cooked goodness.

Stay active

Tips such as sticking to a daily routine while self-isolating and separating a work area from space where you can relax at night are great for home working however what can we do when it comes to keeping fit- both mentally and physically?

Try some stretching in the living room every morning or try an ‘at home work out,’ there are thousands of videos on YouTube for all levels of fitness, you could even use things like tins as weights. 

As for maintaining healthy mental well-being, keep in contact with friends, have regular phone calls or FaceTimes and maybe you could use the extra time at home to learn how to meditate.

Spend time together

Most importantly use this time to spend quality time with family members. Get the board games out or start a new hobby together like knitting. Also, don’t forget to check up and call parents, siblings and friends who you may not be able to visit for a few weeks to make sure they have everything they need.


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