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Celebrating International Women's Day 2020

Mar. 05, 2020

This Sunday, March 8, we will celebrate International Woman’s Day 2020. To mark this special day, we spoke to some of the women at Prospect Homes to find out what being a woman means to them…

Samantha Williams, Head of Sales

“I feel very proud of being a woman. I had my children at a young age and so felt I was judged on this which spurred me on to prove everyone wrong. My career has progressed hugely after working my way up from Sales Executive to my current position as Head of Sales. Working in an industry that is very male dominated has actually given me a lot of confidence.

“Prospect Homes works to provide equal opportunities to communities across the UK as it gives all profits made to Riverside who then invest in social value work and communities across the UK.  The fact that we help others every time we sell a property, is one of the great things about working here.”

Joanne Cornthwaite, Senior Architectural Technician

“I’m responsible for all the architectural elements within the business including developing and implementing our new house type range, taking them from initial concept drawings to the homes families are moving into today.

“Having a career in the Technical team within this industry is challenging as a woman and I have needed to work harder to prove my knowledge and capabilities. I have always wanted to work for a housing developer and after graduating from University and working at a number of architectural practices, I have worked my way up to my current position which I am very proud of.”

Lisa Berettoni, Sales Administrator

“My day to day role at Prospect Homes sees me looking after sales admin, processing invoices, checking and processing legal documents and updating reports. As well as this I am also a single mother so to me, being a woman can sometimes be tiring and very hard work. Being financially independent has always been crucial to me.

“I’m lucky that I have a great team around me who I have strong relationships with and who are all focused on moving the company forward.”

Nia Brown, Apprentice Team Organiser

“Being a woman means being strong, independent and ambitious. After graduating from the University of Chester with a degree in Business Management I am now developing my skills further and learning on the job every day at Prospect Homes, through assisting the Senior Management team.”

Jasmine Carr, Sales Advisor

“I think independence is a massive part about being a woman and the fact that I bought my first home last year was one of my biggest life achievements.

“I help and advise customers through their home buying experience and customer journey, taking them through from reserving their plot to choosing colour choices and then handing over the keys. Being part of this is very empowering. I also work closely with site teams so I am fully involved in the development I work at and I’ve become very knowledgeable about the industry thanks to this.”

Kirsty Merrie, Customer Care Coordinator

“Even though I have been happily married for almost 30 years, being financially independent has always been important to me. In today’s society, I think being strong, independent and respected are what it means to be a woman.

“My role as Customer Care Co-ordinator means I am always striving for customer satisfaction but I also work to help those less fortunate. We are working closely with a homeless shelter in Liverpool to provide support to residents – this also supports Prospect Homes’ mission being to give back and make a difference.”