Complaints Procedure

If a complaint is made and cannot be resolved by the initial recipient, it will be passed to an appropriate member of the Customer Care team who will follow a standard procedure as outlined below:

  • During working hours (8.30 – 17.00 Monday to Thursday and 8.30 – 16.00 on Friday), Customer Care will respond within 24 hours of receiving a complaint in order to;
  1. Acknowledge receipt of the complaint
  2. Gather any further information regarding the complaint
  3. Resolve the complaint where possible

If a complaint is made over a weekend, Customer Care will respond to the customer as soon as possible on the next working day.

  • If the complaint cannot be resolved in the initial response, it will be referred to the Contracts Manager who will assign the relevant Prospect representative to resolve the issue, or agree a resolution within five working days of the issue being raised.
  • The customer will be contacted within two working days of the matter being resolved to ascertain their satisfaction with the resolution.
  • If the customer is not happy with the resolution or a resolution cannot be agreed with the Contracts Manager, the Head of Construction will be informed of the matter and attempt to resolve it.
  • Thereafter, where it has not been possible to come to a satisfactory resolution, the matter will be escalated through the following channels:
  • Prospect Managing Director
  • Should an agreeable solution still not be achievable, the customer will be advised to seek independent legal advice.

All responses to customer complaints will, where possible, be made by telephone.

Failing this the response will be made via the same medium as it was received.

* Prospect Homes is a trading name of The Riverside Group Limited. Registered Office: 2 Estuary Boulevard, Estuary Commerce Park, Liverpool, L24 8RF. A charitable Industrial and Provident Society

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