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Making the move just got a little easier

Buying a home is the biggest purchase many of us will ever make and the process can feel daunting. However, we can provide several buying options to help making the move into a brand new home easier than you may think.


Get moving sooner with Prospect part exchange

Found your ideal Prospect home but have yet to sell your existing property? Then Prospect part exchange could get you moving quicker. By ‘trading in’ your home, you’ll cut out the stress of selling – no waiting around, no agency fees and no buyers to negotiate with. We’ve helped lots of people move up to a Prospect home. Find out if we can help you.

Why choose Prospect part exchange?

It’s less hassle

Selling a home can be stressful. Prospect part exchange takes away the hassle of viewings, negotiations, and waiting for buyers to come along.

No chains to hold you back

Prospect part exchange is a chain-free process. It’s comforting to know that you can set a moving date, without the risk of hold ups.

No estate agency fees

With a guaranteed buyer (us), you won’t need to advertise your home. Saving on estate agency fees gives you a little extra to spend on your new home.

How it works

Step 1 – Make an application

First, you’ll need to fill in an application form. Once we’ve got your application, we’ll arrange for an estate agent to visit your home to inspect and value your property. This usually happens three working days after putting in your application, so you’ll need to give us access to your home.

Step 2 – Making an offer and reserving your home

If we decide to make an offer on your home, we’ll get three valuations to make sure our offer is fair to you. We’ll make you a verbal offer, which will be based on a sale within 4-6 weeks. You’ll then be able to reserve your new home.

Step 3 – Instructing a solicitor and financial advisor

At this point, you’ll need to instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. If you need a mortgage, you’ll also need to work with an independent financial advisor who’ll help you make a full mortgage application.

Step 4 – Home survey

If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll arrange and pay for a survey of your home. This will need to be paid within two working days after accepting our offer.

Step 5 – Moving in

You’ll be able to move into your new Prospect home once the sale of your existing property has completed. You don’t have to wait for us to sell your home to another buyer.

Who’s eligible?

Part exchange is available on selected plots and developments. To be eligible for part exchange:

  • The value of your property must be 30% lower than the value of your new Prospect home.
  • You property must be freehold, built after 1900 and structurally sound.
  • We don’t accept ex-council properties.

Moving forward

To move forward with Prospect part exchange you’ll need to:

  • Agree to cancel any existing arrangements with an estate agent and pay any outstanding agency fees yourself. We cannot accept liability for such charges.
  • We’ll begin to market your existing property before you move into your new Prospect home. You’ll need to give us reasonable access to your home to help with the sale, including the installation of a ‘for sale’ sign.
  • Any estate agents we appoint to market your property will be acting on our behalf, so we’ll pay their fees and commissions.
  • You should continue to maintain your property (both inside and outside) to an acceptable standard.
    When you move out, the property should be left clean and tidy – including the garden, loft and
    any outbuildings, with only the agreed items left in the property. Our solicitor will hold back a £500 ‘retainer’ from the sale price to cover any cleaning costs. After inspecting your home, if we find it’s been left clean and tidy, the retainer. will be released back to you.
  • When you move out of your property, we’ll need a full set of keys. If any keys aren’t provided and we have to get a locksmith, their costs will need to be paid by you.

Prospect part exchange isn’t available in conjunction with any other offer. Terms and conditions apply.

Prospect Part Exchange is just one way we can help you sell your home. Have a look at our EasyMove scheme to see if this could work for you too.

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